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Our products are the number one choice for simulated altitude training for elite and non elite athletes, professional teams in a multitude of disciplines, research institutions and universities.

Using products designed and manufactured by Simulated Altitude ensures that athletes will enhance their athletic performance through simulated altitude training. Our non athletic clients are using simulated altitude training for improving recovery and rehabilitation of injuries, weight loss and acclimatisation prior to travelling to high altitude destinations to reduce the effects of acute mountain sickness (AMS).

All our clients, whether purchasing or renting Simulated Altitude equipment, receive a free consultation and a bespoke simulated altitude training protocol to assist them in achieving their specific individual goals.

Simulated Altitude manufacture their portable McKinley Altitude Simulator® and Enviroxia® simulated altitude chamber in the UK and under a ISO9000 quality management system and comply with European CE marking legislation. We do not distribute other manufacturers’ products or charge over exaggerated prices.

Simulated Altitude lead the way by offering prospective clients a peace-of-mind “try before you buy” purchase option. We appreciate that the initial cost can be prohibitive in making that outright purchase decision, so we give all our clients the option to rent a McKinley Altitude Simulator® for up to a maximum of 3-months at which point we are 99.8% successful in clients then making an outright purchase of the equipment and receiving a full 100% credit of the rental costs off the full purchase price.

If you are seriously considering adding Simulated Altitude training to your training toolbox you should contact the market leaders today!

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